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Products purchased on frantoiocacioli.it and frantoiocacioli.com are guaranteed from defects and workmanship.

The warranty on the products is valid 2 years from date of purchase. Within this period, Frantoio Cacioli s.r.l., owner of the site rantoiocacioli.it, will replace the products that are defective or non-compliant. The above warranty will apply to products that are free from defects of conformity and / or failures are not verifiable at time of purchase, provided that the product is used properly and with due diligence, ie in respect of its destination.

This guarantee will not apply in cases of negligence and carelessness in the use and maintenance. In case of defect or nonconformity, the buyer is entitled to recovery, without costs, of conformity by repair or replacement.

In order to benefit from the rights mentioned above, the buyer must send a letter by registered mail with return receipt, which will communicate with the wish to avail themselves of warranty / repair. Therefore, you must follow the instructions communicated to him by Frantoio Cacioli The replacement / repair of the product will be done as quickly as possible, but also because of the available technical and warehouse.
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