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The Olive Mill



•    Leaf removal
The process of leaf removal of the olive removes the leaves, branches, dirt and stones that would compromise the quality of the final product.

•    Washing
It is carried out by immersing the olives in specific washers that maintain a forced water movement to improve its effectiveness. In order to obtain a quality olive oil, in this phase, it is important that the water used is always clean.

•    Grinding
The grinding is carried out by the rotation of two large stone wheels on olives that are crushed and reduced to a homogeneous paste.

•    Malaxing
Malaxing has the purpose of making the paste even more homogeneous, preparing it for the next phase of separating the liquids from the solids.

•    Centrifugation 
Centrifugation is the system implemented to separate the solid part (pomace) from the liquid: oil and vegetable water and, following that, the oil from the vegetable water.

•    Separation
This phase completes the previous action removing the last residue of vegetable water remaining in the oil.
The oil thus obtained is a first-press olive oil, ready for use.

•    Stocking and bottling
As soon as the separation phase is completed, the extracted oil is placed inside silos, to then be packaged through the processes of bottling, capping, and labeling, in glass and tin containers from 0.250 up to 5 liters.

All the machinery used during production, storing and bottling are exclusively made of stainless steel, a material that is fundamental to obtain and maintain a high quality product.

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