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About Us

Today’s olive mill has its roots back in the early 1900s, when the Cacioli family, in need for a mill to press their olives, had the first structure built.

However, 1965 marked the official opening year for Frantoio Cacioli to provide third party olive milling and since then it has never stopped working..

The management of the Frantoio went from the hands of the founder Emilio Cacioli to his grandson Pierluigi, until it became a limited liability company in the modern day. Since 2005, with a young staff boasting great care of the traditions of the past, the mill is managed by Valentina and Niccolò together with their uncle Pierluigi.

It is one of those rare enchanted places where it is still possible to breathe the atmosphere of ancient traditions when olives were harvested in December, in the cold broken only by the warmth of the “scaldini” (hand-heaters) that people would carry with them and the olive mills began their work with olives picked from the ground, to clean the machines from the previous year’s residues (pomace).

Over the years, the olive mill underwent several restyling phases. Today, the ancient tradition of using millstones still applies to olives. Extraction takes place through cold pressing with the support of modern technologies to obtain delicious oil that is aromatic, full-bodied and intense, pleasantly spicy and with a bitter aftertaste, as the excellent Tuscan tradition calls for. Our" IGP" Tuscan oil from the hills of Arezzo, boasting unmistakable quality, requires excellent ingredients, represented by the olives of our hills and careful processing during the production stage. Cacioli’s extra virgin olive oil is a product processed and bottled directly at the olive mill through processes certified according to the regulations in force.

Directly from producer to consumer, Frantoio Cacioli sells directly to retail in small and large quantities of high quality extra-virgin olive oil with a high content of natural antioxidants and nutrients specifically associated with its quality.

Frantoio Cacioli is one of those businesses that tells the tale of how love and passion for one’s work can help even today to safeguard the importance of ancient traditions dating back several thousand years, combining them in full harmony with the support of technology.
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